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Asset Disposition

Chicago Asset Disposition Company

Computer refresh projects can be time consuming.

When you’re looking to replace your old units with new equipment, you must consider time, space, and relocation challenges. At Hollander Storage and Moving we specialize in project management and multi-vendor data center relocations. So, from planning to execution, we can seamlessly segment and relocate your assets into one of our Chicago storage or to disposal facilities.

Our Chicago asset disposition company services include:

  • Asset Disposals
  • Asset Relocations
  • Recycling and Media Destruction
  • Lease Return Management
  • Data Security and Chain of Custody
  • Desktop Equipment Migrations
  • Server Migrations

Hollander takes the most cost-effective approach to asset disposal.

As expert movers, we follow strict guidelines when it comes to the disposal or recycling of corporate assets. Wherever you need your equipment moved, we can help. With our prompt and easy asset disposal service, you can run your business without interruption.

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