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Placing your belongings in storage can free up space in your home, or help you get organized in preparation for a move. Before you start your move into storage, however, it is a good idea to gather information about the facility. A company that offers storage units in Chicago will make sure that your boxes and belongings are secure and protected after they have been placed in the unit. By doing your research and choosing a quality storage facility, you will have total peace of mind that your belongings are in great hands. Here is an overview of some features to look for when you are choosing a storage facility.

Climate Control

Throughout the seasons, outdoor temperatures in Chicago can range dramatically. When you are choosing a storage facility, you will want to make sure that you select a unit that offers climate control. Without a climate controlled environment, your items could suffer from damage and wear. Placing your belongings in a climate controlled storage facility will help you prevent temperature related damage.

Proper Security

When you rent a storage unit, you will also want to review the security features that the facility has to offer. Proper security will prevent theft, vandalism, and other illegal activities. Ideally, you will want to select a storage facility that offers surveillance features, as well as security guards. After you store your items in a secure facility, you will enjoy total peace of mind that your belongings are safe.

Convenient Inventory Services

Once your belongings have been placed in boxes for storage, it may be difficult to keep track of which items have been placed where. As you are reviewing the features of a storage facility, you will want to choose a facility that offers inventory services that will help you organize your storage unit. A quality storage facility can place barcodes on each box. By scanning the barcodes, you will be able to quickly and easily identify the precise contents of a box.

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