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Communication is key when you are working with your Chicago movers. Since your movers will be handling all of your belongings, you will want to make sure that they are aware of any fragile or delicate items that you may be packing into your moving truck so they can be extra careful with them. As you are preparing boxes for your Chicago movers, you will also want to inquire about any items or substances that may be prohibited in your moving truck. For the safety of your moving truck driver, certain items may not be allowed in your moving boxes. Here is an overview of some items that should not go in your moving boxes.

Gardening Chemicals and Fertilizers

If you are an avid gardener, chances are that you have an assortment of gardening chemicals and fertilizers that you use on your plants. As you are packing to move, you will need to make sure that these items are not placed in your moving boxes. When exposed to high heat in the back of a moving company truck, gardening chemicals could be at risk of igniting.

Perishable Items

As you are packing up your moving boxes, you will want to avoid packing any items that could be perishable. Perishable foods, medicines, and other items will spoil very quickly when they are not kept sealed and in a refrigerated area. If there are certain perishable items that you need to bring with you when you move, you can place them on ice and pack them in a cooler.

Important Documents

Rather than placing important documents, such as tax records and birth certificates, in your moving boxes, you should instead keep them with you at all times. To protect your important documents while they are being transported, you can place them in a file folder and keep them in your personal car. Other documents that should remain with you at all times include passports, drivers’ licenses, and medical information.

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