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Whether you are moving just down the street or looking for
long-distance movers in Chicago, you should label your moving boxes in a smart and efficient way. With
a well-prepared move, you and your professional movers can go through
the moving process quickly and easily.

Watch this video for some simple labeling tips when packing your boxes.
Purchase colored tape, markers, or labels to help keep your boxes organized.
Designate a color for each room. As you pack the boxes, tape them up in
the corresponding color and label the room name in the same color. This
will tell your movers where each box goes as they begin unloading the
moving truck. If you need to unpack a box right away—such as your
kitchen or bathroom supplies—write “open me first” on
the box to let your movers know it should stay somewhere easily accessed.

July 21, 2016 April 19, 2018