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Moving into or out of an apartment is not very different from moving out of a house, except you probably have fewer items to move. With these packing tips, though, you can better prepare for when the moving company near Chicago arrives to move you and your apartment.

Take advantage of drawers.

A great way to consolidate your furniture, clothes, knickknacks, and dishware is to pack them in empty drawers. By carefully storing certain items in furniture drawers, you can save on extra moving boxes and take advantage of every space you have available. Pack items appropriately and safely. Make sure fragile items are well-protected by towels, blankets, or bubble wrap. Do not overload the drawers, because it will weigh down the furniture when moving. After you have safely stored your possessions, wrap saran wrap around the furniture to keep the drawers from opening during the move.

Label and color-code everything.

When you get your packing supplies, be sure to purchase colored labels or markers. Designate a color for each room; for example, blue for bathroom and red for kitchen. As you pack your boxes in each room, label them with the corresponding color. Color-code your inventory list, as well. When your professional movers arrive at the new apartment or house, put up colored paper for each room. The movers will quickly drop off the correct boxes for each room based on the color code you created.

Prepare an inventory checklist.

After you have finished packing each box, write a brief inventory on one of the sides. Then, create a more detailed inventory on a piece of paper. This inventory will have the amount of boxes packed and furniture for every room. If you color-coded your boxes, make sure there is a color next to the room name on your checklist. As each box or piece of furniture is loaded onto the moving truck, check it off your list. Do so again as the boxes are unloaded. Lastly, you will go through each room as it is finished to make sure everything was moved correctly.

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