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You probably have some idea of what a move in Chicago entails, from looking for the right kind of location to finding quality moving services. If you want to ensure that all of your prized possessions make it to your new place in the same condition in which they left, packing is one of the most integral factors to consider. You will need certain materials to keep your fragile items safe, and you should label the boxes to indicate that they should be handled with care. Be sure to leave yourself enough time and keep reading for a few tips for packing your fragile items.

Use the right materials.

As tempted as you might be to grab leftover boxes from the supermarket or department store, these won’t do when you need to move fragile items. Instead, look for sturdy boxes that are designed specifically for moving these types of belongings. No matter how careful you and your movers are, it can be difficult to work with a weak or broken box.

Label your fragile items.

Some of the items you plan to move to your new home might need to be handled with care while others might not, and it is crucial that you make this distinction. A box of pillows, blankets, and bedding can be tossed around, but a box that contains precious jewelry should be handled much more carefully. Be sure to label any boxes that contain fragile materials so that your family members and moving professionals will recognize that they deserve the extra attention.

Take your time.

If you let moving day sneak up on you, you will probably have a much more stressful experience than if you planned in advance. This might prevent you from finding the right packing materials, and it can also cause you to rush the process. Whenever you are working with anything fragile, you do not want to be in a rush; you might end up breaking something important, causing you even more stress. Start gathering materials and packing your fragile items well before the move to avoid this type of issue.

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