5 Ideas to Improve Your Residential Move

12 Sep 2022

5 Ideas to Improve Your Residential Move

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Moving somewhere new is a big task not to be taken lightly. When you take the leap to relocate, you’re probably wondering the best way to handle all the upcoming responsibilities associated with your move. After all, you have lots to do and what feels like not too much time at all. With moving day quickly approaching, you’ll need the best tips and tricks to make your residential move less troublesome and more relaxed. If you’re in search of some help, look no further! Keep reading for our five ideas to improve your residential move and make it the easiest one yet.

  1. Plan to have plenty of time
  2. As soon as your move becomes set in stone, it’s time to start planning! The longer you wait to begin the moving process, the more stressed you’re bound to feel. Instead of procrastinating, make it your goal to hit the ground running. If you have more time to take care of the various tasks involved with your move, you’ll be able to handle anything that comes up, especially if things start taking more time than you originally anticipated.

    It’s best to go into your move with a plan. A to-do list, timeline, or calendar of some sort is extremely effective in making your relocation go a lot more smoothly, rather than feeling overwhelming and hectic. If you decide to create a checklist of your tasks, be sure to include any deadlines or important dates so you don’t accidentally let something slip through the cracks. You’ll want to give yourself a realistic timeline so you aren’t expecting too much of yourself in too little time.

  3. Declutter your space
  4. After you’ve created a timeline of the next few months and the things that need to get done, your next order of business will be to declutter your space. A good, thorough declutter can also save you plenty of time in the long run by cutting down packing and unpacking time. Plus, you will start off on the right foot in your new place, as it will feel cleaner and have much less clutter. When you sort your items, you will create four different categories: donate, sell, trash, and keep. From there, it’s best to start with the items that are easiest for you to part with – the things that you haven’t used in a long time or that you can’t see yourself using any time in the near future.

    Decluttering can be extremely difficult for people to do, especially as they face a major life change like a move. We all have sentimental attachments to certain items, which is what makes decluttering feel so challenging at times. Be sure to give yourself ample time to sort through your belongings since it can be such a source of stress. Additionally, it may be beneficial to enlist the help of a loved one to encourage you to get rid of some items, as they will likely have a more objective point of view without any emotional significance attached to your items.

  5. Stay organized while packing
  6. As you pack, it’s best to create an organizational system and stick to it. This is another consideration that will likely save you time in the grand scheme of your move. At the very least, you’ll want to thoroughly label your boxes to make sure you can easily locate the items you’ve packed. The more detailed your labels, the better. You don’t need to list every item in the box, but you should try to include categories or some form of shorthand for your items so you can identify the boxes’ contents efficiently.

    Another option when it comes to organization is to color code your boxes and furniture. This only requires some colored construction paper or colorful duct tape. Each color will correspond to a different room in your new home. When you bring everything inside, then you’ll easily be able to distinguish where it should go. Alternatively, if you’re seeking a more detailed option, you can create an inventory. This masterlist of all your belongings will ideally work with numbered boxes. Then, you can keep a running list of what contents are in each corresponding box number.

  7. Protect your items
  8. As you move your belongings, they can easily get damaged by all the movement in transit. Because of this, it’s best to take precautions to ensure your items stay in good condition throughout your relocation process. Make sure you stock up on sturdy cardboard boxes, plenty of packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, moving blankets, and any other supplies as you see fit. These materials will allow you to pack your items in such a way that they remain protected.

    Make sure to wrap any fragile items in bubble wrap or packing paper. Another solution is to use towels or blankets to support your belongings, which is a great way to repurpose what you already own. As you pack, you’ll want to make sure everything in the boxes fits snugly without much jostling. Any empty space, especially in boxes with fragile items, should be filled accordingly to minimize potential movement. This is crucial to keeping your items in the same condition as when you packed them away into their boxes.

  9. Opt for some assistance
  10. Handling a move by yourself is a big task. Luckily, there are plenty of residential moving services that can offer valuable help, and it’s oftentimes much more affordable than you might expect. Find a few different reputable companies in your area who have positive reviews, and then reach out to receive quotes. Getting a few estimates is important in making sure you receive the best price for what you need. You can also find out what services they offer to get a more complete idea of what assistance is available to you. For instance, you may need services for an international household move. In that case, you’d need a company that offers international moving solutions.

    Whether you’re looking for moving, packing, or storage, there are plenty of options. Once you’ve found the right company for you, you’ll be able to delegate your moving tasks more effectively and reduce your stress immensely. This can make the process as a whole feel much simpler, which is important in order to remain calm during this hectic time.

Your best move ever!

With these five steps under your belt, you can easily pull off your best move ever! Gone are the days of stress and sleepless nights. Instead, say hello to an easy relocation. And if you’re seeking a residential moving company to improve your move, find out what Hollander Chicago Movers can do for you! Whether you’re seeking local, long distance, or international solutions, we’ve got you covered. Request your free quote today.

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