Corporate Moves

Corporate Moves

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To successfully start and operate a business, you constantly need to make smart, data-driven decisions. One of the most important decisions is determining where your business should be located. Finding the right location is crucial for minimizing costs and maximizing income. Even if you choose wisely, there may come a time when you need to move your office to a more suitable location.

If your business has reached that stage, consider hiring Hollander Storage and Moving Mayflower, the trusted Chicago Corporate Movers. We’ve provided corporate moving services in Chicago for over 130 years.

Reasons for Moving Your Business

As your business becomes more successful, you may find that you have outgrown your current location. Here are a few reasons why you might consider moving your office:

  • Better Opportunities:
    You’ve likely gathered plenty of data about your client base over the past few years. Moving to another area could help strengthen your ties with specific demographics and boost your bottom line.
  • Upgrading Facilities:
    As your business takes off, you may find that you need more natural light or a more elegant building. Upgrading your facilities can benefit your employees and clients alike.
  • Accommodating Growth:
    Your growing business will eventually outgrow its current space. Finding a larger space will help give you, your employees, and clients some breathing room.

Advantages of Working with Hollander

Moving a business is much more complex than a typical move, and requires an added level of sophistication, experience, and planning. To ensure that your equipment and furnishings arrive at your new location safely and quickly, trust the professional corporate movers at Hollander.

  • Careful Equipment Handling:
    Our Chicago corporate relocation company professionals have ample experience moving delicate, expensive, and heavy equipment. We promise to treat your equipment and furniture with the utmost respect.
  • Vast Relocation Capabilities:
    Whether you’re moving to the other side of Elk Grove Village or the other side of the world, we’ll gladly lend you our services. We have the experience and tools necessary to coordinate difficult local and international moves.
  • Top-Notch Moving and Storage Services:
    In addition to simple moving services, we can help you with storage, corporate clean outs, server migrations, and other complex aspects of your move.

Our goal is to make your company’s move go as smoothly as possible.

More About Our Chicago Corporate Mover Services

At Hollander, we care about your corporation. Having been in the business moving since 1888, we understand corporations largely depend on their equipment. Technical devices, such as desktop computers and servers, are essential to the success of a corporation. Our Chicago corporate movers have specialized services, processes and materials for moving high-tech items, or other high-value equipment, safely and securely.

Our Chicago corporate relocation service includes:

  • Data Center Relocations
  • Corporate Clean Outs
  • Employee Purchase Program
  • Re-Deployment
  • Office Personnel Relocations
  • Desktop Equipment Migrations
  • Server Migrations
Corporate Move Policies

In addition, we are happy to help you design a new moving policy for your corporation. We can evaluate your current program at no cost. Our account management professionals are experts in tailoring your moving policy to reflect your corporation’s new needs.

Service First

Whether you’re planning to relocate your corporation domestically or internationally, we at Hollander Mayflower can transport your corporation’s valuables with the utmost care and speed.

Contact us at 847-652-9211 to start planning.



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