Logistics Services

Logistics Services

Specialized Logistics Services

— Specifically Tailored to your Business

Hollander Storage and Moving, an agent of Mayflower Van Lines, provides a full range of logistics solutions. In addition to general warehouse and distribution service, we have specialized expertise in many industries. Our unique competencies can ensure that you get the specific solutions needed for your business.

Here is a sampling of some of our specialized logistics services:
  • Laboratory Relocation
    Hollander is pleased to provide your University, hospital or business with laboratory relocation services. We know how to wrap, pack and transport costly and fragile lab equipment in the safest, most secure manner.
  • Medical Equipment
    Hollander is a leader in transporting the most important and sensitive medical equipment. We take the utmost care when transporting equipment to your hospital, clinic or urgent care facilities. We have experience transporting and handling everything form medical beds to MRI machines.
  • Hospitality Moves
    Whether you are constructing a new hotel, renovating an existing hotel, updating a restaurant, assisted living facility, or resort, Hollander can assist with every detail of your project. We have specialized tracking methodologies for monitoring inventory and just-in-time distribution to active projects. And to support multi-location projects, we have a vast transportation network and warehouse locations throughout the country and around the world.
  • Retail Openings and Closings
    Our retail project managers work closely with you to determine the best alternatives and timelines for warehousing, staging, transportation and installation. We have extensive experience importing and exporting products from around the world as part of retail operations.
  • Trade Show Delivery
    Hollander is uniquely situated to support your Trade show and Exhibit delivery needs in Chicagoland, the Midwest and throughout the United States. With our warehouse facilities, just outside O’Hare Airport and extensive experience delivering into the city of Chicago, we are ready to support your trade show and exhibit plans.
  • Telecommunications
    Hollander is a leader in transporting the many sizes and types of telecommunication equipment. Cellular sites introduce complex situations from congested metropolitan areas to remote locations. Whether you have base transceiver station (BTS) equipment, generators used at the initial cell site installation or service parts for ongoing support, we handle your product with special care.
  • Reverse Logistics
    Planning the logistics for your returnable products, reusable containers, end of lease items and valuable recyclable items can be an arduous task. Hollander has this all down to a science, with specialized applications to track, manage and report on the entire process.
  • Warehousing and Distribution
    Hollander provides the customized and cost-effective warehousing and distribution solutions you need.

Hollander makes it easier to manage your supply chain.

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