How to Keep Houseplants Safe During a Move

23 May 2022

How to Keep Houseplants Safe During a Move

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People’s houseplants are extremely important to them – for some, they’re even kind of like their kids! They’re living, breathing things that need to be cared for and attended to make sure that they thrive and are healthy. 


Just as with any living thing, when it comes to a move, they need to be given extra special care in making sure they’re kept safe and healthy during the transition. Though of course, houseplants aren’t as hard to move as your children or pets, they still need to have measures taken to make sure they don’t experience too much stress or are damaged in the relocation process. Wondering how to move your houseplants safely? We’ve got the best tips to keep your plants safe during your relocation. 


How to Prepare to Move Houseplants

No matter if you’re moving nearby or are tackling a long-distance move, you need to make sure to give yourself plenty of time to prepare not only yourself but your plants as well. Inexperienced plant owners might think that you can just throw your plants in a box and be fine, but a lot of different plants need special care to keep them safe during a transition. 


Packing plants isn’t as simple as just throwing them in a box or a car and making the drive – and preparation can take as much as three weeks before your moving day to keep them in the right shape. By making sure to adequately prepare your plants, however, you can keep them safe and ensure that they’re healthy and in their best shape for your new home. 


So how do you move houseplants safely? 


What  to Do Before Moving Day

If you’re bringing your plants long-distance, or are moving to an area with a different climate or environment, make sure you anticipate how this change in area can impact your plants’ health. See if they’ll need extra care or if you’ll need to make special arrangements to keep them healthy in their new space. Additionally, make sure your plants are allowed in your new state, as some states have restrictions on different species. 


How to Pack Houseplants

Because plants are very delicate, you’ll need to make sure to pack them safely during a move. Repot your plants into plastic pots with the right potting soil for them. This will make them easier and lighter to carry and will let you pack their much heavier ceramic pots separately.


Remove dead leaves and prune foliage from your plants about a week before moving day to make sure your plants are in their best condition before moving. Additionally, water plants about 3 days before your moving day. This will keep them hydrated, and keep them from dripping everywhere on moving day.


How to Move Plants

On moving day, secure your plants with plastic bags fastened around their pots, with the ends tied loosely around their base to keep soil from spilling. Place your bagged plants into boxes to keep them stable and more contained.


Leave the boxes of your plants open if you can so they can breathe, but otherwise poke holes in your boxes and seal them loosely. Store your plants directly in your vehicle with you or in the cab of your truck – never in a trunk or a moving truck.


Now that you know how to safely move your plants, make sure your other household items are safely moved with Chicago Movers! We’ll deliver your items safely and efficiently. 


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