How to Unpack After a Move

14 Feb 2022

How to Unpack After a Move

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You’ve done it! You’ve finally completed your moving process and can take a well-deserved break and sigh of relief. The hardest part is over – now it’s time to sit back and be able to relax in your new home and settle into your new environment and surroundings. 


However, before you can truly do that, you’ll need to unpack at least a little bit to get your things situated and have your space be workable – at least for now! Getting unpacked will also let you settle into and adjust to your new space. 


Unpacking Tips After Moving

Unpacking following a big move can be annoying, and can often wind up taking you a while, especially if you’re gradually unpacking while trying to determine how you want your home to look or what function you’d like certain rooms to serve. 


Depending on the person, unpacking can be either a really fast and efficient process or one that stretches out over months (or maybe never even gets finished!). However, whether you want to unpack as quickly as possible or do it gradually at your own pace, staying organized and knowing where all of your things are is important to the process. 


What should your unpacking process look like? Let’s explore the possibilities of the best way to unpack after a move. 

  • Organize Room by Room

Odds are, even if you’re just moved in, you have a vague idea of which room you’d like to serve which purpose in your home. 


During the packing process, you hopefully labeled and organized your boxes to let you match them easily to the new rooms in your home. This will let you unpack and plan out each room super efficiently. Take it one room at a time, and pace things as quickly or as slowly as you’d like. 

  • Clean Your New Home

Before physically unpacking anything, make sure the home you’re coming into is clean and in its best condition for your new items. If you’re lucky, you may have even been able to clean your new home before moving in! 


Before unpacking, make sure your things are being placed in a clean environment! Though starting to clean a whole house may be the last thing you want to do after a big move, it’s the best thing to do and will make you feel better in the long run. Plus, cleaning is a lot easier when nothing is unpacked and the house is fairly empty.

  • Unpack the Kitchen

One of the first rooms you’re going to want to unpack first is the kitchen area. You might be tempted to leave it and just order out for your first few days at home, which is fine! You’re super tired, after all. However, you’ll still need access to cutlery, cups, dishes, etc. to live comfortably day to day, so unpack that kitchen first thing.

  • Don’t Worry About Details

Unlike with the packing process itself, don’t feel pressured to have everything unpacked and perfect right away. You just moved in, and have plenty of time to improve to adjust spaces or the placement of items as you go. Plus, don’t even worry about decor just yet – unpack functional items first and give yourself time to visualize and situate your decor. 

  • Clear Boxes as You Go

As you unpack, make sure to clear out boxes gradually as you go so you’re not faced with having to clear them out all at once or having your space crowded with tons of loose cardboard. 


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