Pros and Cons of Living in Chicago

10 Dec 2021

Pros and Cons of Living in Chicago

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Chicago has a lot of fans and happy residents, and is a hub for commerce, transportation, and culture. If you’re looking to move to a large city that’s still affordable, full of amazing food, an amazing music and sports scene, and that’s full of good people, Chicago might be just the place for you. However, before you make any big moving decision, you should properly research your prospective new home, and figure out if the city that intrigues you will really suit your lifestyle and what you’re interested in. For all of the pros and cons of living in Chicago, keep reading!

Pros of Living in Chicago

  • The Culture: Chicago is a huge city full of tons of unique neighborhoods that each bring a little something extra to the table. The city is incredibly diverse, and is full of historical and cultural institutions like the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Natural History. 

  • Entertainment: On top of its amazing diverse neighborhoods and beautiful museums, Chicago features a bustling music scene and booming sports culture that will never leave you with a dull moment. There are 5 sports teams in the city, and tons of theaters and concert venues to catch a show at pretty much whenever. The city also hosts the legendary Lollapalooza festival every year. 

  • Food: Chicago is a great spot for current or aspiring foodies. No matter what you’re in the mood for, odds are you’ll be able to find a restaurant or takeout spot with amazing food that will scratch that itch. Plus, it’s home to it’s iconic deep dish pizza and hot dogs!

  • Transportation: If you’re looking for a city with a public transportation system that spans all over and can get you where you need to go for less, Chicago’s rail and bus lines are going to be your go-to! Chicago is also home to O’Hare International Airport, which is a major hub for long-distance and international travel. 

  • Cost of Living: We’ve saved the best for last! One of Chicago’s best qualities is it’s offering of a big-city lifestyle for less than that of other big cities in the country. The cost of living in Chicago is much less than in cities like New York City, San Francisco, Boston, and other hubs. 


Cons of Living in Chicago

  • Cold Weather: When people talk about Chicago, a lot of them might bring up the sub-zero winters and windiness the city is associated with (it is the ‘Windy City’, after all!). Unfortunately, the city does experience extremely cold and snowy winters, which might not be ideal for everyone. If you decide it’s not a big factor for you, be sure to invest in a good winter coat!

  • Nature: Chicago is known for its beautiful beaches along Lake Michigan, as well as its huge amount of beautiful large parks. Despite its large amount of outdoor urban spaces, the city is unfortunately pretty far from mountains or the opportunity for a hiking getaway. If you’re looking for a city that affords you the opportunity for a getaway in nature, Chicago might not be the place for you (unless you want to drive!).


  • Crime Rates: Though native Chicagoans know the city’s crime levels aren’t as bad or as much of an issue as the media tends to suggest, there’s no mistaking that the city has very high crime rates in comparison to a lot of other places in the country. When moving to Chicago, do you research the neighborhood that you’re looking at to make sure you’re moving to an area that you’re comfortable with!


Now that you’ve heard about some of the pros and cons of Chicago living, it’s time to make the best decision for you and your lifestyle! If you’re thinking Chicago is the place for you, do more in depth research on the city and its respective neighborhoods, and choose the one that is most attuned to your budget and what you want out of the city. Chicago is a hub for art, music, entertainment, foods and sports – while also providing residents with affordability and an easy commute! 

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