Pros and Cons of Moving to a Colder Area

21 Oct 2021

Pros and Cons of Moving to a Colder Area

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Generally, a lot of people tend to leave colder areas and move to warmer ones for a variety of reasons. Though warm weather states tend to have a better reputation than those of colder states, there are a lot of advantages to moving to colder states that a lot of people don’t realize. 


So what are the benefits of moving to a colder area? Let’s see. 


Cold Weather Burns More Calories

When it’s cold out, the human body has to work a lot harder to keep its temperature at normal levels. To do this amidst the winter cold, your body uses more energy to stay warm. During the winter, you can burn around 30% more calories than when it’s warm out – just by trying to stay warm!


Cold Weather Gets Rid of Outdoor Allergies

A fun perk to living in colder states is the longer period of time where you don’t have to deal with those pesky outdoor allergies that plague your nose all spring. If your allergies are triggered by pollen, moving to a colder state might help to keep your allergies at bay for longer. 


Cold Weather Can Act as a Sleep Aid

In colder climates, you’re generally more likely to sleep more soundly and get a better quality of sleep than in warmer climates. Because natural sunlight dissipates faster during the winter, your body will naturally start lowering its temperature earlier to get ready for sleep. 


Cold Weather Can Prevent Infections

When it’s exposed to colder temperatures, believe it or not, your immune system is actually activated and can improve in fighting infections or other illnesses in a colder environment.


Colder Weather Allows for Less Bugs

A huge perk to living in colder climates is the lack of bugs! This is a huge perk for a lot of people. Not only does this include insects like mosquitoes and ticks, but  regular ones that are slightly less annoying, but still not welcome. 

When you’re moving to a colder climate, there are a lot of upsides to living amidst lower temperatures. Whether it’s a higher quality sleep, the lack of bugs, or the boosting of your immune system against infections and other ailments, living in colder temperatures is great! If you’re researching a move to a cold state but aren’t sure of which movers to use, look no further than Chicago Movers.

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