Your Guide to Moving to Chicago

27 Oct 2021

Your Guide to Moving to Chicago

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Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the United States, third only to New York City and Los Angeles. It’s one of the most exciting places to live in the country, and you’ll definitely see why once you move here. If you’re just in the planning stages of moving to Chicago from somewhere else in Illinois, or from somewhere out of state, we’ve got everything you need to know about moving to Chicago, and what to expect once you get here. 


Neighborhoods in Chicago

Chicago has a lot to offer anyone who moves here, no matter what sort of interests you might have. From amazing and plentiful parks, to cool museums and cultural attractions, to great food and a great nightlife scene, Chicago has a little something for everyone. 


Historic Chicago Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods like Roscoe Village, Humboldt Park, and Andersonville are neighborhoods that are accommodating to those new to the area, while also being rich with history. These diverse areas have heavy Puerto Rican, Swedish, and German influences which can be seen in the areas’ eclectic shops, restaurants, and galleries. 


Lakefront Neighborhoods

Some of the most upscale neighborhoods in Chicago are located right on, or very close to, Lake Michigan and the city center. Think South Loop, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and Gold Coast. These restaurants have a lot to offer in the way of restaurants, historical attractions, and huge parks throughout each neighborhood. 


Suburban Living

If you’re looking to move to Chicago, but don’t necessarily want to move into the city itself, it also boasts a bunch of beautiful suburbs to choose from for your relocation. Evanston is a very popular suburb, which is located close to the city limits, but also far enough away to forget you’re even in a huge metropolitan area. This neighborhood is also home to Northwestern University. Joliet, La Grange, and Wheaton are also popular areas. 


Chicago Attractions to Visit

Once you’ve successfully completed your move to Chicago, it’s time to explore! The city offers a ton of things to do, as well as a lot of parks and attractions to get lost in. 


Millennium Park

Everyone knows one of the first things you have to do when you visit Chicago is to visit Millennium Park, and of course The Bean. 


Chicago Arts District

Want to experience the arts scene in Chicago? Look no further than the Chicago Arts District to experience beautiful exhibits and works of art right in your new backyard. 


When to Move to Chicago

The best time to move to Chicago is in the spring or fall. It’s not too hot, humid, or, even worse, too cold or snowy for moving during these times, and is right within the sweet spot of convenience and in receiving great pricing for moving off-season. 

Now that you’ve decided where and when you want to move to Chicago, as well as a couple of attractions to add to your sightseeing list once you’ve arrived here, make sure to go with movers familiar with the city’s unique neighborhoods to make sure you receive the best move possible. Chicago Movers are proud to offer only the best services to our customers, and will give you the best Chicago move possible.

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