How to Find a Home for Rent

How to Find a Home for Rent
06 Oct 2022

How to Find a Home for Rent

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When it comes to finding a rental home, you may feel daunted heading into the process. After all, there are plenty of elements to consider, and you may not be sure where to begin your search. The good news is that the home rental process doesn’t need to be difficult. With the right tools and the proper considerations in mind, you can easily find the right house for you.

How to find the best rental house?

Curious about the right way to go about your search for your perfect rental house? Discover the best strategies to simplify the process and find a new home in no time!

    • Decide what you want

Before anything else, the best way to begin is to decide what you want in your rental home. When you start searching for homes, you may become overwhelmed by all the options on the market. If you’ve already decided what you’re seeking and what aspects you’re prioritizing, you can narrow down your options, increasing the efficiency of your search and helping you to find the ideal place for you. Give your future home some serious thought. Although this may just be a temporary place you’re renting, it’s still the home you’ll be residing in in the near future. Determine what elements are your priorities and what things could be classified as dealbreakers. If you’re able to rule homes out due to these dealbreakers, you may have an easier time sifting through the options.

There are some important elements to take into account when you think about your rental home. Perhaps you want to be within a 5-mile radius of your job. Maybe you’re seeking two full bathrooms, no exceptions. You might want to live on a quiet street, or you might be looking for a home in a great school district. No matter what you’re seeking, decide which of these aspects are non-negotiable and which ones have simply desired perks. It’s very helpful to make these decisions before you dive into your search.

    • Start in advance

As with any move, giving yourself plenty of time is a huge advantage. When you’re in a position where you don’t need to rush, you can minimize the amount of stress you feel throughout the process. The more time you have, the better. When you start sooner, you can increase the selection you have to choose from. This can be extremely useful in finding a home that has as many of the qualities you’re seeking as possible. You then have the luxury of seeing more homes as they come available, rather than only working within a small window of time. New listings become available in the rental market all the time, so staying tapped into the latest over a longer stretch of time will yield the best results in your search.

    • Use sites for finding rental homes

There are plenty of websites out there to utilize during your rental home search. Not only do these sites serve as a fast and easy way to discover which properties are available to you, but they also usually offer an option to receive notifications when new listings within your parameters are added. This allows you to get the latest scoop on what’s available in the market. Interested in using a website to scope out rentals? The following are just a few of the best home rental sites you can use:

      • Zillow
      • HotPads
      • Trulia
    • Ask questions

When you discover a home that piques your interest, it’s crucial to ask any questions that come to mind. Whether you ask the landlord your questions ahead of time or while you’re touring the property, it’s important to be direct and find out whatever you want to know about your potential new home. Leave nothing up to chance, and make sure you get the details you need. If you’re a first-time renter and you’re not sure what you should be asking, consult a trusted loved one to come with you on home tours. Alternatively, you can enlist the help of a rental broker, as they will be able to offer their expertise during the process. You may also find it helpful to talk to people in the neighborhood or even former or current residents if possible. Getting their insights can be helpful in figuring out if this is the right home or neighborhood for you and your needs.

    • Create a budget

One of the most essential parts of searching for a home is the budget. Having a budget to stick to helps you narrow down your options and find a place that isn’t financially difficult for you to afford. The general rule of thumb is that your monthly rent should be no more than 30% of your monthly income. Of course, there is always room to adjust that for your own needs and expectations, which is why it’s so important to sit down and figure out a budget that works best for you and your own individual circumstances. Knowing what price would be unrealistic for you and your income and what price would allow you to live with minimized stress is a valuable piece of information for you to have when you choose your new home.

    • Visit the neighborhoods

Finally, one of the best ways to find your ideal rental homes is to visit in person and get a feel for the neighborhoods you’re shopping in. Not only should you take the time to visit the homes you’re interested in, but you should also spend some time in the neighborhood to see how you feel about the area. Oftentimes, the photos online on listings can’t paint an accurate picture of the space, and neither can photos of the surrounding area. Give yourself the opportunity to visit and decide if it’s the right area for you before you move forward.

The perfect rental home for you

Utilizing these tips and tricks, you can find a rental home you truly love that fulfills your most important needs. Once you’ve found the right home for you, enlist the help of Chicago Storage & Moving Co. With top-rated packing, moving, and storage services, Hollander commits itself to providing the best of the best to our customers. Interested in finding out what we can do for you as top-rated residential movers? Request a free quote today!

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