Things Not to Skip with It’s Raining on Moving Day

22 Jul 2022

Things Not to Skip with It’s Raining on Moving Day

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Planning a move of course always involves a lot of attention to detail and meticulous planning to make sure you’re not only working with the best professional movers in Chicago but also that your moving day is the perfect day for your schedule. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always get the memo when it comes to providing ideal conditions for your relocation.

Even if you plan out every aspect of your move and have trusted professional Chicago movers there to help you in bad weather or on a rainy moving day, it’s best to prepare for conditions that might make your moving day a little more complicated. From how to keep your items safe to how to prepare yourself and your crew for moving in the rain (and to keep everybody safe and dry), learn how to move in the rain and what aspects of your move you won’t want to skip in bad weather.

What to Do if it Rains on Moving Day

Whether moving during peak moving season or off-season, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the weather patterns you might experience not only in your current area but in the one you’re heading to as well if you’re heading out over a long distance.

Since your moving day will be pretty set in stone due to having to schedule with your professional moving services in Chicago and having to take off from work to work around your schedule to pull off a relocation, it can be unavoidable sometimes to experience rain or inclement weather during your relocation. Not to mention, you’re not going to want to completely cancel your movers or try to put off your relocation with your new landlord because of some rain – no matter how hard. So what do you do when it rains on your moving day?

How to Find the Best Professional Movers in Chicago

Before we get into what to do in the event of inclement weather on your moving day, let’s talk about how imperative it is to have experienced professionals on your side to tackle bad weather like this with you.

Especially if you’re moving over a long distance, it’s already imperative to have an experienced crew on your side to make sure your move goes smoothly, but this only becomes more and more important when it comes to moving during less-than-ideal circumstances.

When you have the right professional moving services on your side during your relocation, their experience will allow them to tackle this move with everyone’s safety in mind, and to keep your things as safe and dry as possible.

After all, if you’re working with a company like Chicago Movers, which has had decades of experience in the field, a little rain isn’t anything our crews haven’t seen before. They’ll come equipped with not only the best strategy to tackle a move like this, but will have the best attitude and the right equipment to make your move run smoothly, even when under less than ideal circumstances.

Moving in the Rain: How to Prepare

Once you’ve scheduled and locked in your moving day with the right professional moving company for you and any specialty needs you might have, it’s time to plan for your move and strategize just in case of rain or poor weather conditions.

Remember, even if you’re caught in a downpour on your moving day, at least you have a company like Chicago Movers on your side to guide you through the moving process and make sure your move runs smoothly despite the less-than-ideal circumstances. However, here are some of the best tips for moving in the rain so that you can be just as prepared as they are to take on whatever comes at you during your relocation, and so that you don’t skip anything or cut any corners during your move due to the weather.

  • Talk to Your Movers

Communication is key during any relocation process, but this is only more important when it comes to gearing up for a move in the rain. If you think your moving day is going to come with less than stellar weather conditions, talk to your moving company to see what guidelines or rules they have for moving under certain conditions or weather patterns – including anything from downpours to light rain.

Certain companies may not want their crews working in excessive rain for safety purposes, so make sure to have open communication so you’re not unexpectedly left having to reschedule.

  • · Create Your Own Plan

Though your moving company will have policies in place and your crew will come prepared with their experienced eye and moving plans, it’s important to strategize for yourself to determine what approach you want to take when moving in the rain or just during poor weather in general.

Having a strategy or backup plan during poor weather can prove to be invaluable when rolling with the punches the weather might throw at you. If you have a strategy already ready to go when your movers arrive, it can make a move in the rain run much smoother than it would if you were unprepared.

Having a plan for rain or bad weather during your move can mean anything from having the right clothing on hand, like ponchos or raincoats (or just clothes than will help you keep a little dry), to having tarps or materials ready to go to protect the furniture or to cover floors with to keep them safe and dry. Try to also keep your rain boots (if you have them) out just in case you’ll need them, and try to have some umbrellas around to help out in keeping you, your movers, and your items dry.

An important thing to not cut corners during bad weather is taking breaks. Remember, even if it’s gross outside and you want to get things done as soon as possible, don’t try to rush through your entire moving process without taking the time to rest and refuel – even if you might think it’ll slow you down.

  • Keep Track of the Current Weather

This might sound silly to say, but try to keep tabs on rain in real-time during your move. If it’s already raining, see if it’s projected to stop anytime soon, or at least lighten up. Knowing and anticipating what kind of rain you’re going to put up with will make things so much easier in the short and long term.

If you think the rain will let up, try to handle organizational aspects of your move and stay inside until it passes, and then start bringing items out (or resuming doing so). If you think it’s going to get worse, try to get as much done as you can before it does!

  • Use Waterproof Packing Materials

We mentioned earlier how it’s always a good idea to have tarps or covers for furniture on hand to keep your items safe and dry in the event of getting caught in a storm. Using waterproof packing materials can also make a difference in this event. Use things like sealable or airtight plastic totes or bins to safely move items in the rain without concern for water getting through to them.

Now that you know what to do when moving during a rainstorm or in unideal weather, make your moving day even more well-planned when you use the right professional moving services in Chicago for your relocation. With a professional team of experienced movers on your side, your relocation will run smoothly, rain or shine! See what Chicago Movers can do for you today.

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