Everything To Consider When Moving in with New Roommates

03 Nov 2021

Everything To Consider When Moving in with New Roommates

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Moving is a huge process that needs a lot of time, planning, and consideration to make sure all of the cogs in your system are in line with one another, and that you’re getting where you need to go at the best price, as well as with the most organization possible. 


When you’re moving in with new roommates, whether you’re all moving from different places, or if you’re moving into a space that others already occupy, this only becomes more important. When moving in with roommates, even more has to be put into making sure the transition process is smooth, as well as making sure that your living style meshes well with that of your home’s other inhabitants. 


Being the ‘New Roommate’

Being a new person amidst a group of people who have already been living together for a while can be really tough. It can also be a little awkward if you don’t know your roommates well at first. 


Once you’ve gotten your things moved in, make sure to collaborate with your roommates regarding organization, house rules or any chores, and just generally what to expect when living with one another. What are your unique habits? Are people night owls, or early risers? It’s important to establish open communication about all things to avoid confrontation or fighting later on. 


If you’re moving in with a group of friends who you haven’t lived with before, this is even more important. There’s nothing worse than moving in with a good friend, only to have a friendship fall apart because you two have very different living habits. 


With open communication, you can avoid a lot of that. They say you don’t really know a person until you’ve lived with them, and that’s very true. Even if you’ve been friends for years, make sure you both know what to expect when living with one another, and work together to create a warm and fun environment for everyone. 


Moving in With Unknown Roommates

If you’re moving into a home with existing roommates who you haven’t met before, make sure to let them know when you’re moving in, what sort of habits they can expect from you, and maybe even what your roommate pet peeves are. If they’re messy, and you despise the mess, you have to work on communication and correcting bad habits so they don’t become a huge problem or point of contention later on. 


Planning & Packing

When you’re moving by yourself into a place with people already in it, it can be hard to know how exactly to declutter. Before you move in, book your movers and give yourself plenty of time to declutter and pack properly.


Find out what your roommates already have, as well as what they need, so you can avoid having duplicates of many different things, or otherwise causing more clutter in your new home.


Moving in with new people can be really scary and really exciting at the same time! As long as you establish open communication and make sure to adapt to each other and how you operate, you’ll have an environment to come home to. Haven’t found your movers yet? Look no further than Chicago Movers

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