How to Make Moving Solo a Breeze

22 Nov 2021

How to Make Moving Solo a Breeze

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If you’re currently living by yourself, you know that solo living has its own unique sets of wins and losses that both come with living independently. Some people love it, and some people hate it, but living independently is certainly something that will make you extremely self-reliant – even if you maybe don’t want to be. 


There are a ton of perks to living alone: you get to walk around in whatever clothes (or lack thereof) that you want, you can cook whatever and watch whatever you want on tv, all the time, without input from roommates and you get to decorate your space in whatever fun way you’d like! There are a couple of drawbacks to living solo, however – loneliness, not having someone around to open tight jars, and having to pay all of your utility bills on your own are some of them. 


Moving By Yourself

For those looking forward to living on their own, or already doing so, living alone is exciting! Preparing to move by yourself, however, maybe isn’t. So how do you make moving solo less stressful? We’ve got some great tips for you below. 


  • Hire the Right Movers

The easiest way to make sure your solo move goes smoothly is by hiring the right full-service movers for the job. Movers like, say, Chicago Movers. We have all of the individualized services you’ll need, but amazing customer representatives that will make sure you’re helped and supported every step of the way. 

  • Plan!

Don’t go into a solo move with no plan. Since this is all on you, you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared for almost anything. Make sure you start as early as possible, and thoroughly research your movers, new home, and get a start on the packing process well in advance. 

  • Make a Budget

Especially when moving on your own, your budget can easily be blown right through – but your moving expenses can be even worse if you don’t keep track of them at all! When creating your unique moving budget, make sure to take into account any items you think might cost you a bit extra during your move. Also, make sure to factor rin the cost of your moving company, packing materials, and upfront move in fees or the expenses you can run into during your first few days in a new place. 

  •  Pack Efficiently 

Since you’ll be packing and unpacking by yourself (unless you employ full service movers who also supply packing services!), you’ll have to make sure you pack efficiently and smartly to give yourself a bit of a break. Make sure to pack like with like, and don’t forget the golden rule – label, label, label!


Looking for dependable movers who will be there for you as an individual, and for all of your unique moving needs? For all of your Chicago moving needs, look no further than Chicago Movers. Our comprehensive moving strategies and unparalleled customer service will make sure you and your household items are taken care of, no matter where you’re headed. Check out our services today. 

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