What to Look for When Hiring Chicago Movers

06 Apr 2022

What to Look for When Hiring Chicago Movers

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Looking to move into, around or out of the city? Especially if you’re living in a high-rise apartment or a narrow city street, getting your things to or from your current home can be a lot more complicated and involve a lot more moving parts (or vehicles in the road) than suburban moving does.


To keep your stress levels low and confidence high in your city movers, we’ve got some great tips for you to use when looking for city movers who are well equipped and highly experienced in these kinds of moves. After all, it can be tough to navigate any move where your movers don’t have the expertise to handle everything a relocation might throw at them, nevermind a move in the city that can have so many different moving parts. Hiring movers who specialize in city moves will give you a straightforward experience that will set you up for success every step of the way.


Here are some benefits to hiring movers who specialize in city moves:

  • Familiarity with the Area 

Whether you’re living in Chicago and looking to move into the city, or just looking for city movers for your area, having movers who know their way around your city, area, and who are familiar with the circumstances that might involve navigating your neighborhoods is invaluable for your transition.


From parking and maneuvering around tiny back streets and side streets, to even parallel parking a moving truck, you’ll want a team with you who are familiar with local setups and who are prepared to handle them.

  • Experience in Navigating Apartment Buildings

Navigating any unique home can be an experience in and of itself, but trying to navigate a city high-rise apartment or older converted apartment building can be very unnerving for those who have never moved in or out of buildings with setups like those before. 


From older walkups with no elevators, to tight studio set ups, you should always  be using movers who have experience moving clients out of any style of city building (plus in maneuvering items down any narrow hallways or tight stairways) that you may live in. 

  • Having the Right Equipment

Just as experience with city building types is important to look for in your movers, having a professional moving company with crews who have access to equipment specifically tailored to help navigate your narrow city building or close-quartered home can really bring your move to the next level. 


Companies who specialize in city moves will not only have experience in moving in these types of environments, but will also be able to use their equipment to move furniture safely through tight hallways or stairways.


Hiring professional movers who specialize in city moves doesn’t differ too much from hiring movers who specialize in a different area of moving – it’s all about finding the right company to match the needs of your relocation.


Make sure you do your research and make sure that your in town movers are familiar with your type of building, general layout, and in moving clients throughout the city. Make sure they are insured and have reasonable pricing options, and have friendly and helpful customer service representatives. The best way to make sure of this? By using Chicago Movers, the best professional Chicago moving company for all of your city moving needs. From navigating your home or building to providing your with the best prices and service possible, we’ll always have your back.


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